Let’s start a new blog!

Let’s start a new blog!


I had to quit my job due to visa issues a year go. A lot of things had happened since then, as you could imagine. Today, as a “birthday”gift, I am launching a new blog: All I need is green.


Hollywood Beach, FL

If it makes you think about a song in particular… then, I was right! After  changing some words, the title of this blog was born (I needed some time to find it, did you have the same issue?).

All I need is green might be at first sight a “merry mess”, but, actually, it will help me to connect different topics that match with my personality.  For this first article, I wanted to introduce you shortly to the main topics that you will find on the blog.

Then, I will talk here about the following:

  • Nature: especially about ecology and wildlife (animals in captivity).
  • Lifestyle:  My daily life, making products & having well-being activities.
  • Travels: I am a travel addict, and I really miss it when I am not travelling for a while.  I, equally, enjoy the pre-travel organization and the trip for itself. I will talk here about places that I have visited in the USA , but also outside of the country. This will be the travel blog section
  • Life in Florida: I live in Florida since 2012. I will talk more about my life experience here, and I will share my top tips in the Sunshine State!


For more information, please visit the About me section 🙂


See you soon!

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