Captive orcas and dolphins

Captive orcas and dolphins

All people who know me also know that I am against animals in captivity.  One documentary in particular had a big impact on me: Blackfish. This documentary deals with the life of Tilikum, an orca who was captured in the ocean more than 20 years ago… This orca killed 3 persons since then and he is still participating in the Seaworld shows. I, obviously, will talk more about him and the documentary on the blog.

Captive orcas and dolphins are marine mammals who, in the majority of the cases, experienced the same thing: they were captured from their natural environment to live in tanks and perform tricks in front of a public. They are forced to perform in exchange of food, and they often are drugged to support the effects of captivity on them. A lot of testimonies are showing up (trainers, trainees,  scientists) that confirm this sad reality.


Fin of a captured whale. Source :


Here Tilikum the orca (we recognize him easily because of his dorsal fin collapsed, one of the consequences of its captivity) Source :

The main “target” of seaquariums are families, just because parents think that they are offering a great moment to their children by going there. So it is  exactly from there that change has to come.  If parents & children are told why orcas or dolphins should never be captive, they will start to think about it and, obviously, they should never go there again. Children are the future, and we need them to understand what’s right and wrong in this world. I already had the opportunity to see changes like that: Some persons that I know went once to seaquariums with their children, and they decided never going back there again after what they saw there.

I will talk often about this cause on the blog to alert you to this reality.


I am taking this opportunity to talk about an annual and worldwide event against captivity taking place on Saturday, May the 7th: Empty the tanks.

The idea is simple: A lot of people will be reunited at strategic places where marine mammals are being captive. This event is usually very peaceful, without any aggressiveness (even if some critics will say so). I am inviting you to visit their website to find an event close to you.  For Miami, the meeting will take place in front of MiamiSeaquarium at 11am (public parking is available close to the event).

This quote from John. F. Kennedy reflects perfectly my thought: “One person can make a difference, and everyone  should try” 😉

To conclude this first article about captivity, I am sharing a positive picture with this  free orca swimming in the ocean.


Free orca (you can see the perfectly straight fin). Source :

What’s your opinion about captivity?

Soon, I will give you more infomation about these orcas and the marine parks where they live. See you then!

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