Spending the day in Key Biscayne

Spending the day in Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is a peninsula known by all residents of Miami as it is a breath of fresh air close to the city bustle. Located at about twenty minutes from Miami Beach, we used to go a lot to spend some time there alone or with friends.

This was the first time we went back there since our recent moving, and this was for a special occasion as I wanted to attend a worldwide event against marine mammals in captivity taking place in front of MiamiSeaquarium, one of the worst marine park in the world (more info coming soon about this place). After changing the mind of a few persons for 3 hours (!), we really needed some rest. First, we had lunch in a great Spanish restaurant close by (I will talk more about this place soon in the Florida section 😉 ) and we spent the rest of our day in Bill Baggs Cap Florida State Park. The park is located in the South of the peninsula and the entrance costs 8 $ by vehicle.  I especially recommend two activities there:

Chilling on its beautiful beach of white sand, close to the dunes, which will give you a real feeling of getting away. Far away, you will see South Pointe, which is the south of Miami Beach’s peninsula. This park is so popular that it is way better to come in the afternoon to get some peace.

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Walking on the easy hikes around. Some of them have historical stops: Indeed, you will be able to get nearer to the  Cape Florida light which is the oldest lighthouse in all Miami Dade county. Guided visits are available at 10 am and 1pm. If you would like to have a long walk, you can go around for approx. 1 hour. This would be the perfect opportunity to observe raccoons who love looking for food in the garbage! You would see more easily birds (egrets, herons, pelicans…) and many iguanas!

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This picture is clearly not good, but it was the only one that I had showing the shadow of a Great Heron that we observed.

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It is very popular to come there with all the family or friends for barbecues . So, do not forget your picnic for your next visit!
Then, what do you think about Key Biscayne? Would you like visiting this peninsula?

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