Boston Public Library

Boston Public Library

We spent a few days in Boston recently. It wa sour second visit in this city and, this time, we took the opportunity to visit a few new places, such as the Boston Public Library. It is located in Copley Square, in Back Bay‘s borough. You will find a metro exit close to the library, and, anyway, you can’t really miss this impressive building.



This library was funded in 1848 and would have around 15 millions of books, which is quite amazing, right?

In the entrance, the hall already shows some magic with its wall paintings and lions sculptures.




On the first floor, you will find the main lecture room which looks exactly like a typical old american library, and it’s just beautiful! We walked around the tables, watching at students working with caution (well, except for one girl who was clearly sleeping on her book!).




The patio, from an Italian neo-Renaissance style, is a very cool and quiet place to have a break, and it has tables and chairs available for the public.







But, for us, the room that you absolutely do not want to miss during your visit is the one with rare books, for 2 reasons:

  1.  You will need to follow a sort of labyrinth of rooms to be able to reach this one, which was kind of funny 🙂 While doing it, we thought that most of the people whould probably have let it go before the end, but, please, continue on!
  2.  Because if you persevere, you will reach a very special room with rare books. It is small, intimate and elegant. This room is so special that it has her own private secretary! We have seen books from 500 years, protected behind windows. You would have to make a special request in advance to see one book in particular. It was so impressive, we really enjoyed this visit!






To summarize, here would be the places to see in priority in this library for me:

  • The entrance hall.
  • The main lecture room.
  • The patio.
  • The rare books room.

Have you already visited this library? If so, what do you think of it? If not, would you go?

Enjoy the visit too!

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