Homemade ice cream

Homemade ice cream

I wanted to make my own ice cream for a long time, and the hot weather just gave me the perfect opportunity to finally do it! Here is a very easy recipe:



You will need:

  • Some ingredients for the ice cream: I chose to use organic strawberries that were cut and frozen (450g), one vanilla yogurt and some soja milk.
  • A blender.
  •  A box with short sticks to put the ice creams in the freezer (ours comes from the kitchen shop Sur la table and costed 15 $ +taxes).




Steps (easy, right?):

  1. Put all your ingredients inside the blender and mix it until getting a heavy mousse (more or less 5 min)
  2. Pour the mousse into the short sticks (5 min) y put them in the freezer (for about 5 hours so you are sure that they are frozen).







∼ Now, it is time to enjoy it! ∼

Even if I was quite satisfied by these first ice creams, something was missing to counterbalance the savory of strawberries. Next time, I will try another recipe and I will share it here of course :). However, I am full satisfied by this box with washable sticks: This is so practical and more ecological!

Do you have a recipe for popsicle or ice creams to share? Please, let us know 🙂

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