Morgan needs help!

Morgan needs help!

Morgan is a young 8 years old orca saved from malnutrition in Netherland in 2010. After been treating in a marine park for a while, she has been sent to the zoo of Loro parque (Spain), where she had been captive since then.


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According to europeans laws, the first park should have released this orca in the ocean after treating her, but, instead, humans decided to use her (money seemed to help in this decision).More awful, the orca seems to be regularly attacked by the other orcas of the park because they do not belong to the same pod (name for groups of cetaceans from the same family). The park also claims that Morgan would be deaf but no conter inquiry had never been authorized to attest this version.

Then, this orca is abused from humans and orcas, which is for me totally unacceptable. Morgan is sharing her tank with another orca named Keto, well known because he killed his trainer, Alexis Martinez, in 2009 (the story will repeat itself a year later with another famous orca, I will  go back on that story soon). It must be a dream come true to spend some time there…


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Then, a lot of activists work hard for her freedom and several trials had already happened (3 at least), but, at this point, Morgan is still living in captivity.

Why this orca (and all the other captives) should be free? Here are the main reasons against marine mammals in captivity:

  • Lack of space.
  • These marine mammals are very clever.
  • Their physiologicial needs to swim for kilometers each day.
  • Their need to plunge in big depth.
  • Their need to be with their original pod (group).
  • Their need for environmental wealth.
  • Leur besoin indispensable de chasser et d’utiliser leur sonar. Their need to hunt and to use their sonar.

How can you help Morgan and the other orcas?

  • Informing yourself would be the first step for me. A lot of blogs and websites deal with marine mammals in captivity. I will give you some links at the end of this post.
  • Sharing the information. Because if it is important to inform yourself, it is certainly essential to share your knowledge with your relatives to help at least one of them in understanding the absurdity of captivity.
  • Boycotting marine parks. If you do not pay to see these shows, you will send a clear message to the industry of captivity.
  • Participating in meetings against animals in captivity. I started to participate to them a few time ago and it feels so good to be with people who share the same values and have a common goal.
  • Some people founded a fondation: Free Morgan. You will get updates on her situation on it and you can help by making a contribution that would help to finance the trials to free her.
  • You can sign  a recent petition put on line asking for Morgan’s release. You can read and sign it here.


Here are two powerful videos that I would suggest you to watch:

  • A short film realized by an independant team of European filmmakers that makes us see the world through an orca’s perspective thanks to an ingenious system of cameras GoPro Hero 4. The result is really impressive and moving:



  • The second one is  a recent video showing Morgan in a bad shape. Out of her tank, she did not move much (she is only 8 years old!). I was especially disturbed by the lack of compassion of the public as nobody seemed to care for her.  It says a lot about our current world, and it certainly pushes me even more to raise awareness of this situation among the general public.



To conclude, here are a few websites to get more information about Morgan:

So, did you know Morgan? What do you think of her story?

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