I do not like my furniture, help!

I do not like my furniture, help!

I have been exploring some alternatives lately to feel more busy. I started to draw and paint again,  and I will show some draws to you soon. But, I was thinking in doing something more  in this area. Indeed, we have some furniture at home that I do not especially like. So, I decided that it was time to actually do something about it instead of complaining!


When we first moved to Miami Beach, we bought this drawer at Ikea (well, a lot of our stuff come from there as there are mostly fancy and very expensive shops here). We did not find anything really nice, so we chose this practical but not charming model.


Before acting, the first step was to determine the change that I really wanted for this drawer: Some colors? drawings? layers? When you start to look for ideas in this area, you find a lot of incredible possibilities!

And I discovered a very cool shop which became one of my favorite here: Michael’s Craft store. In there, you will find anything that you could possibly need for your own creations (art supplies, sewing, do it yourself, etc…). I bought a few painting pots for my drawer.

 This is the first result after painting the smallest drawers.


I painted 3 others and I could stop there, but I was under the impression that something was missing. As I always wanted to add some handles to any furniture, I thought it was the good time for that.

 After a short research (thanks to Anthropologie ), I chose this type of handle.


Then, I started the DIY process.


Here is the final result!


These colors enlighten the room and change its all atmosphere . What do you think?

Since then, I started to work on another project that I will show you soon 😉

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