Miami Spice: My top3

Miami Spice: My top3

I recently posted about the event Miami Spice where I shared my thoughts about 6 restaurants that I have tried last summer. Today, I am giving you my top3 for the 2015 edition.




 ∼ Cibo ∼


Cibo is an Italian restaurant located in South Beach (South Pointe). We loved the modern decoration that you can see on the picture. The place is cosy and we felt comfortable. All the food was great and the portions were quite big (I had to ask for a box to bring back the rest of my main dish for example, but I like doing that: no waste at all!). I was so full at the end of the meal that I did not really enjoy my cannolis for dessert. My husband ate them all and found them really tasty. Conclusion: We enjoyed very much our dinner at Cibo and prices are totally affordable outside of the event. Service was excellent too. We will go back there without any hesitation 🙂


Cibo Wine Bar.


 ∼ Kebo ∼


Kebo was such a great surprise! This is an authentic Spanish restaurant located in Key Biscayne, this key island that I told you about recently  here. It is not really about the location itself as you will find this restaurant in a typical mall close to the main road. However, inside it is very refined: There are drawings and quotes on the restaurant walls. Service was outstanding, on a very “Spanish way”. Indeed, the owner is from Spain and most of the employees are Spanish speaking people. It was just awesome to discuss with them in Spanish. We loved their Miami Spice menu, and we will especially remember their cold dishes for a long time: peas/asparagus/gazpacho jars. Conclusion: Kebo was our best discovery during Miami Spice. We went back there since then, and each time I have the impression to be back in Spain (and there is only another restaurant in all Miami to give me that impression, I will tell you more soon ;)). This is an awesome address in Key Biscayne with affordable prices.


Inside of the restaurant.


∼ La Palme d’Or ∼


La Palme d’Or is a French restaurant located in Coral Gables, in The Biltmore Hotel, one of the most prestigious hotels in the area. It was hard to not include it in my top 3 as their restaurant is one of the most famous in South Florida. The regular menu costs around 100 $ (+taxes/tips), so it gives you an idea of the offer. The Chef is French and collaborated in the past with a very famous one named Joël Robuchon. We already went there once in 2014 and we loved the experience. Service was amazing (gloved waiters, presentation bells, “petits fours” plate between dishes, etc…). The food was so outstanding that we really wanted to go back there to try their new Miami Spice menu. This time, I especially enjoyed my appetizer (a ricotta/tomatoes/ham/herbs tart) and my perfect dessert (two mini Paris-Brest with a homemade vanilla ice cream). However, we did not get any “petits fours” between dishes (some of us were really disappointed) and service was not so perfect. Conclusion: Despite a few mistakes, La Palme d’Or was our winner during the 2015 edition for price-quality ratio 🙂


Inside La Palme d’Or.

What  do you think about my top3 then? Did you know these restaurants? Would you go there?

The 2016 edition is starting soon and I, obviously, will participate this year too.

See you soon!

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