Do you know Cape Cod?

Do you know Cape Cod?

Cape Cod was a great discovery while we stayed in Boston. I did not know much about this place, and I was quite excited to go there for our second time in the Boston’s area (we already visited Boston a few years ago and we told our trip  in french here)


First, where is located Cape Cod? Thanks to Google Maps for giving us the answer (well  no, I won’t sketch my maps all the time –  it was here if you are wondering 😉 )

Then, you will need a bit more than 2 hours to reach Cape Cod by car from Boston (more time during weekends that are pretty busy!). We first went to Provincetown, a very cute town up north in the island. There is a nice walk to do around the city.



The nice houses in wood in Provincetown.


Very cool atmosphere in the town (especially before summer!)



You can find some interesting street art there.



After a quick lunch, we rented bikes on site (12 $ for 4h), and we went to Cape Cod National Seashore, a very big forest in the middle of sand dunes. The entrance in the park is free off season (otherwise it is 15 $ by car, 3 $ for pedestrians/bikes).






There are different biking trails. Some of them lead directly to the beach.





And, then, we went to another beach and we put our hands into the water for at least…10 seconds! It was so cold, we were clearly not in Florida! 😉



After this great day outside, we came back to Boston for the rest of our stay (by the way, I will tell you soon more about a few places there that i really liked!). Last quick look in the rear-view mirror to observe the sunset behind us.



So, have you ever been to Cape Cod? If so, did you like it?

Bye Bye Cape Cod!

2 thoughts on “Do you know Cape Cod?

  1. Hello Bertille
    Je viens de tomber sur cet article et comme j’adore Cape Cod j’ai eu envie de le lire. C’est absolument magnifique. Ma vimme préférée c’est Chatham dans le coude . J’espere que vous etes alles voir les baleines , c’est l’endroit parfait pour les observer. La ballade en velo je retiebs je ne l’ai jamais faite .

    1. Hello Delphine,
      Merci pour ton passage par ici. J’irai également faire un tour sur ton blog prochainement car je ne connais rien de Rhode Island (et ça me dirait bien d’y aller un jour !).
      J’avais fait la sortie baleines à Tadoussac quand je vivais encore au Québec, c’est chouette ! Un jour peut-être autour de Boston.
      Oui, la balade à vélo vaut le coup, promis 🙂

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