2 coffee shops that I liked in Boston

2 coffee shops that I liked in Boston

Boston is a big city with a lot of attractive places to get a nice coffee and pastries. Here are two coffee shops that I especially liked and recommend if you are going to visit the city.


Visit cards of these coffee shops & sketch by Bertille.



1.Tatte Bakery & Café:


Tatte Bakery & Café is a coffee shop located in Beacon Hill, one of the cutest borough  to see in Boston. It is on Charles street which is the shopping district in this area.



We have tried two of their pastries: a lemon pie and a smelting chocolate cake with raspberries that we enjoyed very much! Their taste was absolutely divine, and the cappucinos were delicious too 🙂


Then, this first coffee shop seduced us completely. Also, you have the possibility to stay outside to drink your coffee as they have a nice patio.


2. Thinking cup :


Thinking cup opened in 2010 and this is a great place to have a coffee in Boston. Ideally located close to Boston Common, the central park of the city, we went there to get a hot coffee after walking in the park for a while. They offer a great choice of pastries too.


 I have tried their French brioche: It was so tasty that I was under the impression to be back in France for a while (no joke!).




Where are located these coffee shops? :


Both of these places have a few branches in the city, here is a map of the two of them that we have tried so far.


Are you convinced ? Did you know these places? Please, share your impressions here, thanks 🙂 !


 Thanks to the blog de Mathilde  that helped me to choose the places to visit in Boston:) ∼

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