Tilikum is dead

Tilikum is dead

I am not very surprised if you do not know about Tilikum’s death, and even if you don’t know who he was at all. However, Tilikum was a star being one of the most famous captive orca worldwide at Seaworld Orlando. This orca lived most of his life in captivity, staying for 25 years at Seaworld, before dying on January 2017 from a pulmonary infection.  When I heard about his passing, I felt so sad as I really hoped he could be free one day.

I will not talk much about this tragic end, I just wanted to mention here his passing as it encourages me to continue on our fight to free captive mammals from all these crappy marine parks. Lolita in Miami, or Morgan in Spain, need us more than ever. Time is changing as we could recently see it with Vancouver’s big decision to ban whales and dolphins at aquarium.We must continue on informing the public about captive mammals and the reasons why they should be released in the ocean, its natural environment.

However, countries from Middle East are currently buying dolphins from Seaworld to create their own shows there. I truly believe that it could be the most important threat for marine mammals to come… I will keep you updated about that issue.

Event to come: Empty The Tanks on Saturday, May 7th, a worldwide event against captivity in memory of Tilikum. The place to meet in Miami would be in front of MiamiSeaquarium at 11 am where the orca Lolita is still hold on captivity.

To conclude, I have a special thought for Tilikum, and for all captive marine mammals deceased in captivity.

Please, do not buy a ticket for a show with captive dolphins or orcas and spread the word. Thanks for them.


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