[Tourism Miami] Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

[Tourism Miami] Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

If you live in Miami and are looking to get out of the city for a while or if you just arrived in Miami for a few days and would like to spend some time in a great park with all your family? I think that I have the perfect option for you: The Tropical and Botanical Garden of Fairchild.


jardin botanique



This garden is located in the south of Miami, in the city of Coral Gables and was created in 1938.  It was named after David Fairchild who was a plant explorer. He brought back to the USA more than 20,000 important plants, such as mangos, bamboos or cherry blossoms.




You can see there very amazing trees, such as this one called a  rainbow Eucalyptus. Its specificity is its bark that changes at different times of the year. It starts with some bright green inner bark. This then darkens and matures to give blue, purple, orange and then maroon tones. This is absolutely gorgeous to see 🙂



Some events are organized there all year long. For example, an old car exhibition  where you will see some Corvettes or Volkswagens around.



Very kind words on some of the cars!



  Ok, this is kind of “cliché”, but this car is a great representation of America, right?




The orchids garden is spectacular!  Look at these pictures if you don’t believe me 😉



If you are lucky enough, you will be able to observe Colibris like this one 🙂







– My opinion –



1/ What I like there :


  • To chill: This green space is a good place away from the city.
  • Wildlife:  Possibility to see some gators, as well as many birds and butterflies (free!). Also, you can observe a large variety of plants there, such as the orchids from this post, and different species of trees.
  • Events: This place hosts a large number of events during the year, such as this old cars exhibition, an art and sculptures garden during Art Basel, or the Annual and international Festival of orchids that will take place on March 2018 for the fans.
  • Family atmosphere: Ideal to visit with kids.


2/What I don’t like that much there:


  • Nature in a box:  If you are looking for long walks in the wild, this is clearly not the place to go.  There are no real hikes and,  for example, most of the people that I have seen there were sit down in the touristic train, also there were too many cars around for me  (maybe for the car exhibition).
  • The butterfly house: When I went there, I was not feeling ok with this butterfly house, but I went inside to see it. Indeed, I am trying as much as possible  to avoid seeing any lcaptive living being. I don’t have fun watching them captive, that’s it.
  • Price of the ticket: 25 $ .  I think this is quite expensive, especially when there are other parks to see around with entrances more affordable.
  • Good tip: If you decide to come to the garden walking, biking or using public transportation, you could get a sale on the ticket of 5 $ for adults and 2 $ for children. The offer seems interesting, but in reality this is quite difficult to go there walking, and it could take hours with a bus here . However, the option of biking seems pretty good for people located in Miami (approx. 30 min from Downtown), but I don’t know if it would be really pleasant around cars! Tell me, please, if you decide to try it 🙂


Have you ever been there? If so, what do you think of this garden?




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