About me

About me

Hello !



I am Bertille. I will dedicate this blog to specific topics such as nature, lifestyle,  good travel tips & life in Florida.  I learnt Spanish and English during my different expatriations and during my studies as a translator. Even if I am still not completely fluent in English, I will try to translate my posts in both languages as much as possible.



Nature :


Ecology:  A very important topic for me. I am not a scientist, but I am very sensitive on this topic and I read a lot about it. I will share here any thought linked with environmental issues, especially global warming and its effects in our life. We all can do something about it. It seems essential to understand that fact to start acting against it.


View over Tadoussac’s bay, Québec, Canada.

Wildlife: I always loved animals, nothing new here. However, since a few years now, there have been a few topics that harshly affect me, so I would like to share them with you. Animals in captivity is one of them, and it will be one of the major topics on this blog. I will talk about people like you who are doing a wonderful job by helping them to be free.


Tilikum, a captive orca at Seaworld Orlando, Florida (UPDATE: unfortunately Tilikum deceased on January 2017 after  months of sickness).



Lifestyle :


Homemade/organic : Since we live in North America, we have been developping our homemade approach, for house products or cooking (Also, I would love to learn how to make my own beauty products in a close future). I will share here all my discoveries, and if you have any tips, please do not be shy and share them too! Organic has become an evidence since we live in the USA where most of the conventional products are not reglemented at all (Hello GMOs and other pesticides!). We have been very careful about our way to consume and I will talk a lot about that here. Now that we have a (small) garden, we would be interested in creating a kitchen garden, a new project to follow…


Homemade organic apple pies.

Well-being :  I am from those persons who believe that some activities help feeling good. Some of them are especially working well for me: cooking (yeah, I am French, so cliché I know), sport (yoga/tennis/biking… to eliminate a little bit the 1st point of course), drawing/painting,  and finally reading. I will  refere to some blog posts, books, and also documentaries that are being part of my well-being… maybe they will help you too.


Drawing /watercolor painting Bertille /San Juan, Puerto Rico.



Last but not least


Travel tips – Life in Florida :


After 6 years and half  in North America (Canada – USA), I think that I am ready to tell my experience in this territory.  I lived for 3 years in Miami Beach, and I moved recently to Hollywood, a city located in Miami’s suburbs. As I love discovering new places, and as  I am a real  travel addict, I also will share my best travel/daily life tips with you.


Lifeguard tower in South Beach, Florida.


I would love to add an interview category as soon as the blog is ready. I am thinking about interviewing friends and strangers who improve daily life thanks to their jobs or personal involvements. If you think that this description suits you, please do not hesitate to contact me!


OK, I am done for now. It should give you a better idea about the future content of this blog. I really hope that you will be interesting enough to join me in this new adventure 🙂

See you soon!